Vacuum Cleaner Energy Efficiency

When using vacuum cleaners, efficiency is of the essence because more wattage translates to higher electricity bills. Energy efficient cleaners clean the floors or your surfaces just the same way as normal vacuum cleaners. When you choose efficient and inexpensive vacuum cleaners, you reduce your power usage by 40 to 60 % as compared to using a 2000 watt vacuum cleaner. Using a vacuum cleaner for one hour is the equivalent of powering a refrigerator for 40 hours.

That is why using an energy efficient vacuum cleaner is better.

Vacuum efficiencyMost powerful vacuum cleaners are not necessarily the ones with the best suction power. So, look for other details (information) before you purchase that vacuum cleaner.

You ought to read the labels on the vacuum cleaners so that you can get information such as; the vacuum cleaners energy efficiency, the floors it is suitable for and such like.

You need all this information before you can decide to get a new vacuum cleaner. Some of the other things you need to check are;

Vacuum Power

Check out the different power of the different vacuums you have your eyes on by looking at the watts of the motor. Most of them range between 700W and 1200W and the most powerful ones going up to 1600W. There’s a common assumption that the higher the wattage, the better the cleaning results; however, this is still up to debate. For example, all the power being used may not all go to the suction purpose, some maybe lost as heat or noise. That is why it is important to read vacuum reviews like this before buying.

Vacuum Suction

The stronger the vacuum cleaners suction, the more the dirt and the dust the cleaner will pick up. You, however, need to assess the different models before you can settle in one. To help potential buyers compare the suction power of a vacuum cleaner will measure the air watts of their vacuum cleaners.

These units are used to assess the amount of air that’s moving inside the cleaner and how efficient the machine is into turning the air into suction power. The air watts will give indicate the vacuum cleaner’s performance better than using the motor watts; looks for 200 or more air watts

As for the loss of suction get one that uses cyclonic technology. In this technology, the air moves in a spiral motion and suction are kept at its maximum and consistently. You still get great cleaning results even if your machine is getting old.

What’s the importance of vacuum cleaner efficiency?

Efficient vacuum cleaners can remove even the tiniest particles from the air thus making sure the indoors air is clean.

This kind of efficiency ensures that there are no particles in the air which means allergens that cause asthma and other airborne diseases will be kept at bay. This translates to reduced hospital bills and everyone is happy.

Another importance is that the electricity bill will also reduce since the vacuum cleaner will be using less power. You will also not need to work twice as hard to vacuum your surfaces; this means you also get to save time that you can use to do other things.

Efficient vacuum cleaners are also likely to be less costly thus saving you a few extra dollars.

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