Life Through The Lens


All of my photos have been taken with my new Samsung Galaxy 5s. I am still trying to figure it out a bit. And, I’ll admit I miss my iPhone, occasionally, for pictures. Camera+ was the best camera app available, and I so wish the company would make an app for the Android world. The one thing I do LOVE about my new phone is the picture quality. It is outstanding, and I am thrilled that I made the switch.

Flower growing in my garden

If you feel like you are struggling with light, and you have a cell phone with a camera, pick it up and use it. I am amazed how my light skills have increased since I began seriously using my phone for photos. Today I can easily say that my phone is my go-to camera.

There is much talk, debate, and out right ridicule in the photography world about whether phonography is an honest form of photography. I say when it makes you learn a ton about things like lighting, exposure, and patience to capture your subject just right, then yes, it is a true contender.

I also I chose Jill, and her frogs, for a reason this week. I’m pretty sure she has moved on to manual now, you can correct me if I am wrong Jill, but she learned her camera that right way, in my point of view. I cannot tell you how many photography boards that I belong to and people are struggling with simple things like focus.

Clouds in evening

Can I give you one piece of advice, do not be afraid to shoot in automatic until you have an understanding of the basics on your camera. Focusing is very basic. We all make mistakes and have our bad days, but in general, you should know how to focus in on your subject.

With that said, if you have just bought your camera, or if you have had it a while but never truly studied it, then take the time just to get to know your camera before you move on to more intricate things like manual mode. It’s okay to shoot in automatic for as long as you need to.

At some point, you will want to challenge yourself beyond what you know, and then you can toggle that button and begin exploring. Jill has done a perfect job of getting to know her camera. Over the last year, her photography has exploded, and she inspires me on a daily basis.

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