Days Of Capturing Bliss

This week I am busy, busy, busy. I do not think I could have stuffed this week fuller, but it is all good. And, during those busy hours, I also am having a ton of fun editing….

…because, yep I am building my portfolio here. I already have a portfolio, but I figured I better do some building here so that hopeful clients won’t see one of my Germany pictures and want to take their pictures in that location. Although, I am willing to travel for a session; -D.

This young man was such a joy to work with. We had a ton of fun together and laughed a lot. This was the first snap I took. I love it, but more importantly, am thrilled that this is not the money shot. I was super nervous to have a session with someone I did not know; it has been a while since I have been behind a camera doing sessions.

Pic taken with my phone

Photography is one area where I constantly question if I have the “right stuff.” So, on my way to this session, I was completely nervous that I didn’t, have the right stuff.

I sweated if I would be able to: obtain the quota I set in my head, capture a relaxed photo out of a senior session with a young man, or if any of the pictures would turn out.

I know why I worry so much when it comes to photography because each work of art an artist produces if very much a remnant of their soul. So, to place it in another’s hand and have them not love it is heartbreaking.

And sometimes, that fear of heartbreak is enough to make an artist keep their gems hidden away, locked up tight from criticism or rejection.

I belong to a photography group on Facebook. I love this group. I’m not sure these people even know I am lingering in their group because I very rarely interact with them. Instead, I sit on the sidelines listening and taking in all I can learn. They have taught me a ton in their conversations. But, they have also taught me a lot in the subject of criticism, and the potential to never be good enough. I see beautiful photos placed on the post for cc (constructive critique).

Taking a cup of tea

Then, I see the photos slowly picked apart. People will notice the tiniest of issues with a photo. There are times when I have gone back to the original photo trying to “see” what the critique is about and I just do not get it. And, one day it hit me…. in this world of technology where perfection can be created we are slowly editing out the imperfections of this world.

As artists, we have to find the courage to let our pieces out there. We have just to let it be what the world thinks because there will always be those who see imperfections and are quick to tell you just how far below the line you fall. In my almost 40 years on this earth, I have learned that those imperfections make us who we are, that we do not grow old and wise without a life lived full to the brim of imperfections. I have also learned that we cannot create perfection.

We cannot simple clone out the imperfections in out lives, or alter the outcome of our living to the perfect vision of what we think life should look like. And, we shouldn’t do that with our creations either. Did you know that every single Amish quilt is left with on imperfection in it? Why, because they understand that life is not perfect and their art should not be either.

Welcome I’m Milena

Stay at home mom, decorator, photographer, writer… Any way you want to label me, really, I’m just a girl living life, just like you.