Month: March 2018

Vacuum Cleaner Energy Efficiency

When using vacuum cleaners, efficiency is of the essence because more wattage translates to higher electricity bills. Energy efficient cleaners clean the floors or your surfaces just the same way as normal vacuum cleaners. When you choose efficient and inexpensive vacuum cleaners, you reduce your power usage by 40 to 60 % as compared to using a 2000 watt vacuum cleaner. Using a vacuum cleaner for one hour is the equivalent of powering a refrigerator for 40 hours.

That is why using an energy efficient vacuum cleaner is better.

Vacuum efficiencyMost powerful vacuum cleaners are not necessarily the ones with the best suction power. So, look for other details (information) before you purchase that vacuum cleaner.

You ought to read the labels on the vacuum cleaners so that you can get information such as; the vacuum cleaners energy efficiency, the floors it is suitable for and such like.

You need all this information before you can decide to get a new vacuum cleaner. Some of the other things you need to check are;

Vacuum Power

Check out the different power of the different vacuums you have your eyes on by looking at the watts of the motor. Most of them range between 700W and 1200W and the most powerful ones going up to 1600W. There’s a common assumption that the higher the wattage, the better the cleaning results; however, this is still up to debate. For example, all the power being used may not all go to the suction purpose, some maybe lost as heat or noise. That is why it is important to read vacuum reviews like this before buying.

Vacuum Suction

The stronger the vacuum cleaners suction, the more the dirt and the dust the cleaner will pick up. You, however, need to assess the different models before you can settle in one. To help potential buyers compare the suction power of a vacuum cleaner will measure the air watts of their vacuum cleaners.

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Why I Emotionally Struggle With Clutter

I try my best to fight my family’s genetic pack rat gene, but it is a struggle. I am embarrassed to say that I still have boxes from my old house in the basement (never unpacked) from moving about six years ago. Obviously, I don’t need the stuff if I have not used it for over six years, but I can’t bring myself to go through it and get rid of things.

For those of you that know me, I am not a super emotional person. So why would I emotionally struggle with getting rid of clutter you ask? Well, for the most part, I don’t have an emotion attachment to the item to be discarded I have an emotional attachment to the money it cost me. So nothing leaves.

Struggling with clutterSo there I stood in my basement at the beginning of January with a BIG GOAL I wanted to accomplish. My goal is to turn one of the rooms in our basement into a rec room for our family.

My husband and kids are all on board, and it is already partially finished so it should be smooth sailing from here right? NOPE!! Remember those boxes I mentioned from my old house? They are stacked in this room along with many other boxes over flowing with STUFF that we haven’t touched in a LONG time. I made the decision to start chipping away at the clutter disaster.

I started the battle by attacking the clothes I have saved for the girls. My big girls are nine years old, and I have been getting hand me downs and gifted clothes since before they were born. Also, my younger sister received hand me downs and gifted clothes as well. Well putting them all together we had enough clothes to dress a whole classroom of girls from size newborn to 5T!

So my younger sister came over, and we started the battle. When going through clothes, the girls have grown out of once in a while I would come across an outfit that was one of their favorites, and I would hesitate on giving it up thinking about how they wanted to live in it 24/7.

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Days Of Capturing Bliss

This week I am busy, busy, busy. I do not think I could have stuffed this week fuller, but it is all good. And, during those busy hours, I also am having a ton of fun editing….

…because, yep I am building my portfolio here. I already have a portfolio, but I figured I better do some building here so that hopeful clients won’t see one of my Germany pictures and want to take their pictures in that location. Although, I am willing to travel for a session; -D.

This young man was such a joy to work with. We had a ton of fun together and laughed a lot. This was the first snap I took. I love it, but more importantly, am thrilled that this is not the money shot. I was super nervous to have a session with someone I did not know; it has been a while since I have been behind a camera doing sessions.

Pic taken with my phone

Photography is one area where I constantly question if I have the “right stuff.” So, on my way to this session, I was completely nervous that I didn’t, have the right stuff.

I sweated if I would be able to: obtain the quota I set in my head, capture a relaxed photo out of a senior session with a young man, or if any of the pictures would turn out.

I know why I worry so much when it comes to photography because each work of art an artist produces if very much a remnant of their soul. So, to place it in another’s hand and have them not love it is heartbreaking.

And sometimes, that fear of heartbreak is enough to make an artist keep their gems hidden away, locked up tight from criticism or rejection.

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Life Through The Lens


All of my photos have been taken with my new Samsung Galaxy 5s. I am still trying to figure it out a bit. And, I’ll admit I miss my iPhone, occasionally, for pictures. Camera+ was the best camera app available, and I so wish the company would make an app for the Android world. The one thing I do LOVE about my new phone is the picture quality. It is outstanding, and I am thrilled that I made the switch.

Flower growing in my garden

If you feel like you are struggling with light, and you have a cell phone with a camera, pick it up and use it. I am amazed how my light skills have increased since I began seriously using my phone for photos. Today I can easily say that my phone is my go-to camera.

There is much talk, debate, and out right ridicule in the photography world about whether phonography is an honest form of photography. I say when it makes you learn a ton about things like lighting, exposure, and patience to capture your subject just right, then yes, it is a true contender.

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Welcome I’m Milena

Stay at home mom, decorator, photographer, writer… Any way you want to label me, really, I’m just a girl living life, just like you.