LTTL… another PicMonkey tutorial

And, for our feature post from last week… Elizabeth from Just Following Jesus in My Real Life made a confession last week. Did you see it? She admitted to the world, “all of my editing and playing around with Kim’s beautiful textures is done using PicMonkey.”

What?!?!?! Oh my, how disgraceful!

Do you see my mischievous smile? Do you hear me roaring in laughter because I have totally cracked myself up?

I sang her praises the day she admitted to “just” using PicMonkey! Woohoo, you go girl! Because, you know what? You don’t need an expensive camera to make art. You do not need an expensive editing program to create beauty. Those are fantastic, but they are tools for the master, not the master.

I’m going out on a limb here, but I am pretty sure Picasso would never say that a paintbrush created his masterpieces. Or Ansel Adams, I’m pretty sure he thought his ability to see beauty, and then capture it, was a bit more important than editing… especially since there was not editing programs back then.

So, I thought another little demonstration of PicMonkey is needed to prove I am the master creator. The program I edit my photos with is just my paintbrush.


I began with this photo of a cute gal outside of Starbucks, in Seattle.


{Note: I always work in King Kong mode and save in Sean mode to have as much of the pixels saved as possible. But if you have slower internet you might have to bump that down. Also, I always save-as, no matter what program I am using to edit my photos. When I first started out, I would save the picture, which would replace the original with my created work. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone back to a photo wanting to rework it, and no original. It is a personal preference, but I believe in saving all originals.}

The photo was a tidbit dark so I popped up the exposure and the highlights. (I do love how PicMonkey has added features like highlight, shadows, and contrast to their editing tools.) I kind of love this picture just the way it is, but let’s have some fun now.


From my exposure tweaks, I decided to Cross Process the picture, on blue at, 39% to bring out the colors a bit. When I did I wasn’t too happy with her skin color, because I liked her pinky tone. To fix that issue, I used the paintbrush to remove the cross process effect off her skin. I’ll chat about the paint brush further into this tutorial, but it is used the same way in every process.

Next, we will move on to adding a texture… click the weaved icon, and you are going to click Your Own, and choose your texture from a file on your computer (1). I added Kim Klassen’s Soft and Sweet, at lighten (2), and then using the paintbrush, again, I began to un-paint the areas that I did not want the texture (3).


When working with textures:

~I like to take the texture off before I change any fade levels (2.) so that I can clearly see where I am working. In PicMonkey Paint (3.), simply click original for your mode, and then choose 100% for your brush size to start, and then 100% for strength. I always keep my brush hardness at 0%.

~When I begin taking the texture off I always use 100% at the largest size brush, and I work from the inside out. So, in this instance I took most of the texture off of her face, and all of her body, until I reached the outer areas.

~Then I begin to back my brush strength off, and the size of my brush off, for more control. This creates a fading effect.

~If you have a slip-of-the-hand, and make a mistake, no worries. Just hit the back arrow, at the top next to the share button, and all is fixed.


After I add a texture, I like to take the entire photo through another effect to tie it all together. Because I knew I wanted to use Tranquil, I did enhance her eyelashes and her eyebrows so they would not disappear once I ran Tranquil.




And up next, why text of course.

5When adding text you can:

~change the size by enlarging the box using the arrows, or using the font menu (1.).

~rotate the text by clicking the rotation button and rotating your mouse to the desired position (2.).

~change the color of the text by using the color panel. {Note, if you want a specific color you can look the color number up using this site and then type the number into the color panel (3.).

~change the darkness of the text by choosing a different blend mode, or by fading it entirely (4.).

~and more… explore and try each button. you can always back out of it if you do not like what you have done.



Music © Simply Living Photography{linking with Texture Tuesday and Texture Twist}

A commenter on Elizabeth’s site asked if purchasing the Royal package was worth the money. YES!!!! Really for three reasons, it is cheaper than purchasing other editing programs right out, and it is more user-friendly for a beginner, in my humble opinion.  And, of course you want to be able to play with all the features of PicMonkey. I do use a photo editing program, but my heart still belongs to PicMonkey, especially when you are starting out.

Have you seen my other PicMoneky tutorial. No!!! Well, click here.




What is your Life Through the Lens? Any great adventures, tutorials, or fun daily livings to share? I’m dying to hear about it!!

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Random 5 Friday… just because

~ Our doorbell rang this morning. I didn’t answer it because I wasn’t expecting anyone, and we have had a ton of solicitors lately. Then, I heard Dreamer opening the door, and it was because he noticed a lady holding flowers… just because is my absolute favorite.


~ The Thinker chose these ones because they were called Fields of Europe. He knows my heart well. He knows I ache for Europe during the flower seasons… from spring to fall.


~ I haven’t read mt Click magazine yet! Usually I can hardly wait to wrap my hands around the pages and drool over each article. I’m kind of saving it for that perfect moment.


~Dreamer, he noticed the tightly packed yellow flower and asked, “What they were?” He casually mentioned that, “He had not seen them since Germany.” Anybody???


~ We are coming up on our two-year anniversary of leaving Germany and I’ll admit it, I am a little sad.  But,  mourning can be a beautiful thing when you let yourself plunge through the process. So, I let my emotions ride the tides of sadness, and happiness, and slowly my heart is healing.


What are we working on???

~Finishing up the last little bit of homeschool scheduling. I’m super excited about his year. The kids decided to switch to French, and I plan to refresh my memory right along with them. Also, Blue Eyes will be taking photography, and I plan to tag along with her during the process.

~ We made peach jam… this recipe to be exact, and it was yummy. We exchanged peaches for strawberries. We added a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg, and an extra 2 TBL of honey (because our peaches were a bit tart). We have 8 jars waiting for us to eat during the winter season.

Linking with: Whatever is Lovely.… have you checked out her blog? Elizabeth is a very creative person. Her blog explodes with beauty.

LTTL… A Day in the Life of Four Simply Living

It has been a while since I have actually shared my life through the lens. A week of living looks pretty standard compared to the old life we used to live in Germany. There are no fun trips, or amazing outings. There are no long afternoons sauntering down the walkplatz and then stopping into a cafe for a cup of coffee and cake. Sometimes I am lost in the mundaness of living life now, but I have to remind myself that there is beauty in everything. There is adventure where I create adventure. My life is a jewel waiting to be excavated. And so, my diamond in the rough…













If you struggle with the everyday, stop and breath. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you. Do you hear it? Do you hear the adventure calling your name? Now, go on a journey in your everyday and see what you can uncover, there are hidden gems waiting to be excavated.  Tiny toes in a tub. Sticky fingers on a wall. Toys sitting in the sand. Flowers bowing to the wind. Whenever you look there is beauty waiting for you to see it.


AND FOR OUR FEATURED BEAUTY… The Old Cemetery at the village of Benz by Uwe… I happen to love this blog because Uwe lives in Germany. BUT more importantly, I love it because he just captures life, as it is. No frills, just life.

Linking with Kristy at Texture Twist… you should really check out her fantastic blog. And, she faithfully links to mine every week. Thank you Kristy!!




What is your Life Through the Lens? Any great adventures, tutorials, or fun daily livings to share? I’m dying to hear about it!!

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