LTTL… celebrating life

You will have to forgive me. I haven’t had a chance to visit your blogs. This last week was a blur. I have hardly been able to sit down at my computer and do much of anything. We have been fully submerged in the soccer season. The soccer season is always a love/hate relationship for me. I love the sidelines, and cheers from the crowd, the swoosh of the ball as it hits the net, and the cool crisp air of fall. But, I hate the busyness of the season… late meals, endless hours traveling, and eating out all the time.  Our team, we took second place at a tournament this last weekend. It was a true feat of success as we are always the underdog team with no money and few players. I was proud of our boys. The first game went to overtime and we scored immediately securing our win. The second game was of epic proportions, my sideline antics so loud I lost my voice. But, how can you stay seated when you watch two overtimes and then sudden death by penalty kicks? We won that too… this momma was proud. The last game was painful. We played a team that out matched us dollar for dollar, skill for skill, and member for member, but our boys fought hard and that is all we can really ask of them. Way to go boys!!

© Simply Living Photography

© Simply Living Photography

With the busyness of the season this week our life is taking a break to celebrate life. Happy birthday to my blue eyed girl.

© Simply Living Photography{Linking with Texture Tuesday and Texture Twist}

Will you join me for 31 Day of Capturing Blessing? I will be on Instagram every day to post what I find, and will post here once a week on Life Through the Lens. Feel free to continue with your normal Life Through the Lens posts, or come join us for Capturing Blessing and show us what you found throughout the week.

31 Days of Capturing Blessing, 2014 © Simply Living Photography



What is your Life Through the Lens? Any great adventures, tutorials, or fun daily livings to share? I’m dying to hear about it!!

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LTTL… a new 31 day challenge

I’ve decided to do it again. Will you join me?

You can read my post from last year to understand a bit of where we went on this little journey. This year will work very much the same, except that I will only be sharing once a week here on Life Through the Lens. But, I will be sharing everyday at my Instagram home, lisa.kerner.

Do you want to join me? You can! All you have to do is use the list as a prompt and then share your images via Instagram #capturingblessing

31 Days of Capturing Blessing with Simply Living Photography

The RULES are the same as last year…

1. Look for the items on the list and capture them in any way or fashion. (ALL levels of photography are acceptable using any type of camera.)

2. Grab my October button and place it in your post…. or link back :-)



3. Link up here every Wednesday at Life Through the Lens.

4. Visit others, because everyone needs community.

If you miss my photos on Instagram, do not worry I will be showcasing them (here at Life Through the Lens) at the end of October, with a HUGE announcement!!!

And for this week, my Life Through the Lens… a little September review. Can you believe it?!? We are on the very last days of September. I have to say, I absolutely love this time of year. I long for fall during the blazing hot summer days… and Elizabeth from Just Following Jesus welcomed fall in with lavish fair this week.  I really loved her fall flowers, but her decorations, oh my. You better check Life Through the Lens this week because she is sharing.


~Dreamer was fitted with glasses. I have to say he looks rather dapper with them.

~Blue Eyes will have a birthday soon… 17, one more year until she is officially tagged as an adult.

~Fall is here, not quite in full glory, but here none the less.

~We began the month with family, food, and the beautiful mid-west prairie. I’d say it’s a good way to begin any month.

~Butterflies were out in droves this month. I guess one a last hooray for summer.

~The road behind our house was finally finished. Everyday we see people out staking their land. Honestly, I do not look forward to all the construction next year, but I do look forward to our new neighbors.

~ Pumpkin Spiced Latte, need I say more.

lise.kerner via Instagram

Blue Eyes made me the yummiest Apple Fritters this weekend. The recipe is here. We did augment it a bit with 1 cup of rice flour, and 3/4 cup of sorghum flour, and 1 1/2 small apple. We also fried ours in coconut oil.



What is your Life Through the Lens? Any great adventures, tutorials, or fun daily livings to share? I’m dying to hear about it!!

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LTTL… school pictures, the final cut

Taking too many photos has been one major problem with my photo sessions. I’m planning on launching my photography business next Spring. With that will come clients and multiple sessions, hopefully. Which means I won’t have all day to edit tons of photos. So, as I begin to stock my portfolio here, I am doing so with purpose.

1. Nail the photo session with as few photos as possible.

2. Limit the amount of photos I edit to a small portion.

3. Choose only the best from that portion as my final portraits.


These were a few of my favorites from our school session…


And my favorites of all…




I can tell I am rusty when it comes to photo sessions, so you can learn from my mistakes.

1. Always set your camera back to original settings after you shoot anything. I made the mistake of leaving my ISO bumped up to 1000 after shooting a soccer game while I was loosing light. In return these photos turned out grainy. I’m okay with that because I wanted a shabby-chic look to them.

2. Give yourself more time than you think you will need. I almost always shoot in a location where I know there will be shade to work with before we move out into the sun. For this particular session I wanted to shoot in the shade because I liked the sunlit leaves. But we ran out of light faster than I wanted.

3. Know your lenses. This really isn’t an issue for me anymore since I only shoot with three lenses, my 50mm, a borrowed 10-24mm, and my 18-105mm. Why is it important to know your lenses? Well, my 10-24 tends to blow out highlights, so with that lens I tend to underexpose just a bit to compensate. My 50mm gives me the best control over depth of field, and bokeh. And, my 18-105 is my go to lens. Gasp, I know I don’t just love my primes.

I’m not listing my favorite post this week. Instead you’ll have to head on over to my Life Through the Lens Pinterest board to see who I choose. :-D


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What is your Life Through the Lens? Any great adventures, tutorials, or fun daily livings to share? I’m dying to hear about it!!

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